The actions of all the people who make up our company influence the satisfaction of our clients and that is why we offer them the professionalism of all our technical and human capital, as well as adequate facilities to effectively carry out the activity. This internal quality is what builds loyalty among our clients, managing to add value to our service and boosting our productivity. Among our priorities is ensuring the profitability of those who hire us.

We are very accessible, since we have several means of communication through which we provide personalized, friendly and respectful treatment, avoiding bureaucratic procedures as much as possible and ensuring a perfect understanding of our clients’ needs.

We consider that reliability is of great importance, and that is why we want to transmit the minimum setbacks in the contracting of our service or in the execution of our work. We offer flexibility in all our processes and good technical advice, with the contribution of ideas for your projects.

Due to our structure, we can provide a quick and timely response, making deliveries in very short times and managing to adapt to the organizational and logistical needs requested of us.

As an improvement in our production, we have material warehouses with the most requested dimensions, which shorten and speed up our processes.

If required, deliveries can be made in any town or province of the national territory, and, to adapt to the needs and competitive changes demanded by the current market, we deliver our work with all types of finishes, such as heat treatments, surface coatings, certificates of technical inspections and tests.

We are aware that, no matter how good a service is, it can always be improved, and that motivates us every day to give more than what our clients expect.

Torno Automático


We currently have a portfolio of clients who direct our production to all economic sectors. This gives us extensive experience in the production of specific and personalized elements for each of them.

The machinery is continually updated and expanded, ensuring that our dimensions and manufacturing capacities are progressively larger.

Among the means of production we have are: automatic saws (for the first machining processes), drills and automatic drills, threading machines and thread rolling machines, mortising machines, machining centers, milling machines, and more than 20 lathes of different capacities, among them: revolver lathes, parallel lathes, automatic lathes, high production CNC, etc.


The main sectors we work for are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Railway
  • Military engineering
  • Sports
  • Decor
  • Naval industry
  • Aeronautical
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Agricultural
  • Electronic industry
  • Classic Engine