ECM Mecanizados

ECM Mecanizados is a family business founded by Emilio Uría, with more than 50 years of experience in the machining sector. We are committed to dedication and continuous improvement of all production processes.

Mecanizado de Piezas CNC

Thanks to the efforts of the team of professionals that make up the staff, the acceptance of our machining has been consolidated, progressively increasing our presence in all economic sectors and achieving what is most important for us: full customer satisfaction and confidence.

We cover a wide dimensional range, from small machining of Ø 4mm to large pieces of Ø 1 meter x 3 meters long.

We can carry out our work under a plan or according to a sample, both for companies and individuals, and in all types of materials:


• Steel • Aluminum • Foundries
• Stainless Steels • Plastic • Copper
• Titanium • Special alloys • Others.
• Bronze • Brass


We have the technological means and professional preparation to guarantee our quality in products and services.

Since 2002, we have complied with the requirements according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.

All departments of the company have actively participated in the development of the standard procedures. This involvement has achieved a good implementation, which is practiced by everyone.

We have a firm commitment to caring for the environment. For this reason, we have received recognition for our management, being the fifth company awarded the Environmental Quality Distinction by the Arganda del Rey Town Hall.